Karate Life Studios will be closed for classes November 26th-28th for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Karate Training At Any Age in St. Louis

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Karate Life Studios

Gain Confidence Through Karate

Karate Life Studios is a family-oriented Karate experience dedicated to providing your child with the best possible introduction to martial arts! Our Karate instructors are friendly, welcoming, and prepared to do whatever it takes to help your child discover the confidence and drive to succeed at any goal! Our programs are guaranteed to build character and give kids tools to strive for greatness, all while enjoying the fun experience of Karate training! We also offer conventional Adult Karate programs for interested parents, or any other student hoping to benefit from our expert Karate lessons. Fill out the form on your screen to learn more about Karate Life Studios's unique approach to martial arts!

A Team of Experts

Our instructors are dedicated to bringing out the best in children and adults of any age or skill level. We regularly train students with varying degrees of experience, and guarantee a fulfilling and fun experience for everyone!


A Focus on Growth

Whether you are an eager youngster or a practitioner looking to keep in form, we believe that every student will learn something from their experience in Karate Life Studios. Be it from our open, friendly instructors, or our unique approach to martial arts, Karate Life Studios offers something new to everyone!


A Safe Environment

We welcome all new students with open doors and open arms. We believe that anyone who wants to learn Karate can do so if given a proper environment in which to flourish. We offer a loose, comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere to all of our new arrivals, to ensure that they are free to succeed at their own pace and get the most out of our excellent Karate program!


A Unique Approach

Whereas many studios and dojos may focus on competition or intense training regimens, Karate Life Studios places an emphasis on the mental and psychological benefits of the art of Karate. Our programs have been crafted to give students an overall boost in fitness, confidence, and self esteem, rather than just prepare them to square up in a ring.

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Meet our Instructors

My 4yo is learning so much and loves it! Great teachers and staff! ....Read more

Rachael Bersdale

Honestly this DoJo has changed our lives - my son has learned so much and hav enjoyed every moment! Highly recommend ....Read more

Stephanie Griffin

Karate life studios has been a game changer for my family. My boys Lucas and Zach have become very strong kids and their personalities, strength, and self confidence have all increased significantly. They have done this for a few years now and I recently signed up for karate training as a result ....Read more

Josh Riley

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