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Karate Life Studios Reviews

  • My 4yo is learning so much and loves it! Great teachers and staff!

    Rachael Bersdale
  • Honestly this DoJo has changed our lives - my son has learned so much and hav enjoyed every moment! Highly recommend

    Stephanie Griffin
  • Karate life studios has been a game changer for my family. My boys Lucas and Zach have become very strong kids and their personalities, strength, and self confidence have all increased significantly. They have done this for a few years now and I recently signed up for karate training as a result of seeing their progress. I love it for it has helped me out but it also another way to bond as a family. Highly recommend to anyone!

    Josh Riley
  • I absolutely love the environment set out here!! Whenever I have questions, they're answered with honesty, and always in positive intention. If I have an issue learning or understanding something, the leaders are always quick to assist or correct in multiple ways to ensure I understand -not just know- the differences and why. The dojo has made a tremendous impact in my day to day life, as I'm able to look back at the person I was when I started in many respects; physically, mentally, and even in my case too, socially!! I value their time, and would never, EVER trade what I have here for anything in the world.

    Zuriel Detra Shaules
  • I don't know who enjoys KLS more, my son or me. The studio staff and instructors are so nice and really do treat the members like family. They make accommodations for injuries or personal issues, they teach as a good pace, and the kids learn a lot more than just karate; there are big doses of discipline, character building, and respect built into the curriculum. As an adult student in my 40's I've been able to regain flexibility and strength that I've lost over the years too.

    Dean Bond
  • Really love Karate Life. My son has been going for almost 2 years now and looks forward to it every week.

    They focus is balanced between Karate, life lessons, and fitness. I would highly recommend trying one of their intro offers and see if they are a fit for your family. I know lots of families that come from Webster and even farther away. They pass dozens of other Karate studios. That says a lot to me.

    Matt Ricketts
  • I have been practicing karate here for 8 months now. I have seen a tremendous amount of improvement in myself in that time. The senior and junior instructors are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. The students are friendly and hard working. Many adult students practice here, but there is a lot of room to grow. If you are considering the martial arts as a way to improve you spirit and your physique, I highly recommend Karate Life Studios.

    Geoff Peasall
  • Great place, each of my children love their classes and they are taught valuable life lessons every time. All teachers do a great job with this kids. This place has a made an invaluable impact in our kids lives.

    Russell Brewer
  • Our 4 yo son has been attending for about a month now and we could not be more impressed with the whole team at KLS. The instructors are so patient and helpful, they teach self respect, discipline and focus and do it all in a way that is fun and keeps kids happy to be coming back! Don’t hesitate to come try this place, we are so glad we did and so is our little “ninja”!

    Christopher Bell
  • We've been sending our son here for 5 years now. Great instructors who are caring and attentive whilst still instilling discipline in a fun environment. Would highly recommend.

    Kevin H.

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