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October is BULLY PREVENTION Month!

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Karate isn’t all about kicking and punching - and that is something any current Karate Life Student will tell you! Bully prevention is SO important for kids of all ages and is a skill we work on year-round. However, the month of October brings a full week of classes focused ONLY on bully prevention as well as a few seminars. What do we teach in these classes? Read on to find out!



Step 1: Identifying Bullying

How can you prevent something if you can’t define what it is? We teach our students that bullying happens anytime there is unwanted and repeated aggressive behavior. This can fall in to a few important categories:

  • Physical Bullying: hitting, pushing, kicking, tripping, or other physically harmful acts

  • Verbal Bullying: teasing, name-calling, inappropriate comments, either written or spoken

  • Social Bullying: exclusion, rumors, cyber-bullying, or actions resulting in social isolation 


Step 2: What can I do to reduce my chances of being bullied?

Once our students know how to define bullying, they need to learn how to deal with it appropriately! We have longer Mat Chats during our bully prevention classes where we teach kids How to be Bully Proof. They learn the answers to questions like: Can YOU do anything to prevent bullying? Do you know what makes somebody a bullying target? Is it attitude, posture, appearance? And then we PRACTICE: performing actions that make you a target and then comparing them to actions that bullies don’t like helps kids build stronger memories of what to do.


Step 3: What if I have to respond to a bully?

There are some important things to consider when a child finds themselves or a friend in a bad situation with a bully. We teach our students:

  • How to respond to a bully. When do you need to find an adult? When do you ignore the bully and walk away? When do you respond to the bully with a firm “Leave Me Alone”?

  • What happens if bullying turns physical? Do you know which types of situations you should fight back in? And which situations you shouldn’t?


Step 4: How can I defend myself if I need to?

In rare instances, our students may actually have to defend themselves against a physical threat from a bully. It can be a terrifying thing to go through and preparation can mean everything! We practice Self-Defense against someone their own size AND against someone larger. Most importantly, our students learn that there are three times - and three times ONLY - when it is appropriate to use their karate techniques on another living being.

When MY life is in danger.

When the life of someone I LOVE is in danger.

When my COUNTRY asks me to.


The most important part of our Bully Prevention Month classes, though, is:




We teach these skills regularly in our classes. But during October, we practice the 4 steps above in as many ways as we can! Our students work through drills on eye contact, looking strong, having assertive replies, and so much more. If you are interested in BULLY PREVENTION, BULLY SEMINARS, or SELF-DEFENSE for your child, Karate Life is the place to be in South City St. Louis. Come see us for a trial class or schedule a private bully prevention seminar for family or friends!


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